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I’m Tatum, mom to four and preschool teacher of 10+ years. I have seen the benefits of kids participating in imaginative playtime, exploring their creativity, making up stories, and just having fun... All while learning!

That’s why I created Think, Play, Dough! A world where kids create, play and turn off their screens.  They can engage with their parents, siblings, friends or work alone to develop qualities that can only be learned through play!


Why play dough? There are so many benefits!

  • Fine motor skill development

  • Emotional development

  • Cognitive development 

  • Creativity

  • Learning about science

  • Sensory development

  • Screen free play time


I have the best memories creating with play dough. Building bird nests and having all the eggs hatch. Taking care of dolphins I made after visiting Sea World. Mixing colors and building snowmen! My mom always made sure we had lots of opportunities to be creative through music, art, instruments, crafts, and play dough time with my Dad.  

It is our hope that our themed play dough kits will provide just as much enjoyment to your family.

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